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Letting go is not easy when you are so attached towards something it is hard to walk away and just forget about it.

In a world of business, you need to know what your capable of doing and making sure that it falls according to the plan. But, what about working on a job you Love but does not compensate you well? Or having a good salary but hated the job?

Which job you should let go?

Well, others might say, “Oh I should stick with good salary” and others might say “I rather choose the one I am passionate about”.

It also came into my thoughts that before we move from one job to another let’s consider these facts;

  1. Know the people’s characteristic to whom you will be working on
  2. Consider the location and culture
  3. Consider the time and the pressure
  4. Check the benefits
  5. How well the boss to his employee (compare to the boss you recently worked with)

The employer hires us based our skills and characteristics.

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