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My Top 5 tips for you to keep on going

I am not talking about Lovers long distance relationship here, what I am trying to convey is the relationship between you and your Client. You and your Client have a long distance relationship and like any other LDR it can possibly end up in not a good ending.

Some of us may not have noticed it that we Virtual Assistant is having a relationship with our client this relationship is what we called a corporate relationship wherein we make sure our client is happy with the result of our hard work.

Based on my experience here’s my top 5 advice on how you can keep that business for the long term.

1. Report when

Make sure that you let the client know that you are ready to do your job, let him/her know what you are up to this day and if there is enough task for you within that day.

2. Report when Log.out

Let the client know that you run out of time then send him/her the completed tasked and if he does need anything he/she can contact you when he/she needs your assistance.

3. First Move

Do the first move, approach the client, don’t be afraid if the client is busy as long as you left him/her a message that would be great. He will feel secure that you are doing something even so he is away from his desktop.

4. Pro-active

Know the time, the day, event and the situation of your client’s area. Give him/her advice about the business situation, weather situation and any other things that you think that needs his/her attention and the most important one is to remind him/her about all his appointment and what he needs to do to improve the business.

5. Asked

Do not be afraid to ask the question, it’s either about the business or about him and his family, create a certain question that can make him and yourself comfortable with.


Always set aside any other unnecessary stuff during work. Love your Job and the Client will Love you back.

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