To know more about online marketing

I am so thankful that I am one who
benefited with this online training because I gain new knowledge necessary for my work and I can use it throughout all the ages where ever I go. I would like to thank to my trainor Ms. Jenaella Sabanal for her knowledge she imparts to me.

To Ma’am Jenaii
Thanks and May God Bless You….

Marie A Veranda

The biggest purpose to learn a new challenge of online marketing.

When I attended online training tirelessly, heartily, and religiously conducted by Ms. Jenaii. Every moment a session is ended. It means new things are added into the storage of my mind, that can be used as a toll for my day to day living. My sincerest thanks to my mentor Ms. Jenaii Sabanal.
May God Bless us all..

Jean Amancia

Thank you Ms. Jenai!

A very humble trainor who doesn’t know how to say No when time is up. Very approachable, and has an unlimited ideas to teach. I learned alot willing to have another training again in the future.

Maan Maguddayao


Such a wonderful , a Pure Heart you are, being a Teacher…Very compassionate Person with enough Patience to each and everyone, You always wear a Smile to make us positive, and I love that! You always give an open door, to those who are left behind, because You won’t allow , only few will win the Race, but Everyone! I love, the way you drive your passion in teacing, You always put Love in every single details you’ve Teach, Best Teacher ever!! That’s why God, never think twice to Bless you Fruitfully, keep it up Ms. Jenaii….


Shakira Maris Mondejar

A hardworking person

Ms. Jenai , I really appreciate you for being a hardworking person doing such as baby sitting while teaching one at a time and thats a hard thing to do it needs patience and perseverance.
As a Student, I salute you for the effort of teaching and for the patience to us.

Thank you and more power.

Donnabella Dignos

A person who loves to Share

I would like to thank you miss Jenaii for giving me the opportunity to learn about Online Marketing. Thank you for trying your very best in making every session/class a fun and full of learning. You always make sure that everyone is on the same page and no one should be left behind. You’re upbeat personality never made us bored. Overall, you did a very great job in sharing your knowledge to us.

Arvin Festin

Great power comes with great responsibility

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