First Training for Online Marketing Version 2.0

Amazing transformation, my first step to my goal.

From trapal (tent) to a slowly under development conference office, when you start from very low too and working your way to a high-end office then this is what we call success. Success is something you are happy to do with a satisfied heart.

It is not about how big the accomplishment is, it is about how happy you are having a small improvement.

Have you ever been in a situation, like, you tried to do something small then the result is bigger than what you expect?

Me, yes, here is a snapshot from before and after a simple renovation for a better office.









Spot the difference (LOL) what I mean is, look at how we grow from no roof, no floor and no walls to a new one. Yes, I started teaching without almost nothing, however, since they are satisfied with what I did for and what I taught them, I am satisfied as well.

My heart is full of gratitude hearing words of compliment that they have learned a lot from me. Let’s grow together with undying spirit, let’s motivate ourselves more in this business industry. To learn and keep on tuning in.

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