Establishing Yourself as a Trusted Virtual Assistant

Becoming a trusted virtual assistant is only half the battle. To make it in this competitive market, you must be willing to market yourself and become a master at networking to drum up new business.

Think about the things that separate you from other virtual assistants. Certain intangible factors could help catapult your virtual assistance business past other freelancers in the market. For example, if you currently possess any of the following intangibles, you could create a niche for yourself within the virtual assistant industry:

  • Multilingual – English, Spanish, German or Mandarin Chinese
  • Availability for phone conferences during office hours
  • Written and spoken fluency in English
  • Instant availability on platforms such as Skype
  • The ability to perform tasks in person
  • A positive, helpful attitude
  • The ability to research and compile executive reports
  • Proficiency with cloud-based platforms such as Salesforce

Make a list of all the ways you can personally benefit a business that may require the services of a virtual assistant. Think about all the different ways your background matches up with your potential client’s requirements and begin promoting yourself as an expert virtual assistant within that niche.

Once you’ve gathered all of this data, think about creating a website that lists all of your skills and services. Be sure to include past examples of work provided for past clients. If you do not have any clients, simply create an example of the types of services that you offer and create a portfolio page that brags about your specialties.

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