Be a Responsible Social Media User

Social Media has been the most used media for communication, it is one of the most important online tools or app for LDR or Long Distance Relationship to some but now used as one of the best sources of Website Traffic, Business Prospect and Consumers.

Social Media is one of the best target markets for Wholesaler and Merchandisers targeting same interest the way user use the account.

One of Social Media that is used for Marketing is Instagram and Twitter however the #1 and still the #1 is Facebook gaining 99% popularity base on Online statistic that is validated by rich producers. Today, not just high profiled company is making money through Facebook but as well as little businesses such as an online seller of Merchandise.

Are they using Facebook the right way?

As a responsible Social Media user, it needs a healthy habit of making the brand clean for trust and more consumer.


  • Keep your name easy to read and remember.
  • Create a Logo simple but high in contrast.
  • Be consistent when posting brand name and image.
  • Always update viewers or followers.
  • Be mindful and proofread everything before posting.

A responsible Social Media user is mostly the one become popular for a long time.

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Great power comes with great responsibility

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