6 Other Places You Should Be Sharing Your Blog Content

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With more than 3 million blog posts published daily (and that’s being conservative), it’s just not good enough to just post on your own website. It takes work to get your content out there for people to see and build a loyal readership. You need to take advantage of any place that will allow you to share your content to get it seen by more people.

For this article, I’m going to assume you’re already posting to Twitter and Facebook. What I want to share with you here are 6 places you should be sharing your content that you might not know about.

1. Reddit

Reddit can be an awesome place to share your content if you do it right. It’s not easy to gain traction on Reddit and if you just spam the place with your own stuff the Redditors will notice and you’ll get nowhere. Be an active participant on the Reddit boards that are relevant to you and every once in a while post something you wrote.

2. Medium

Medium is a fairly new blogging platform with a substantial audience. The cool thing about Medium is that it allows you to republish your blog posts and even adds a rel=canonical link back to your original post. Or you can post snippets of your content with a link back to the full post on your site.

If you’re concerned about being penalized by Google for duplicate content don’t be. According to Search Engine Journal, Google is not flagging these reposts as duplicates.

3. LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn Articles functions very much like Medium described above. You can repost your content and link back to your website or just post snippets. Either way there’s a huge audience on LinkedIn and definitely a place you want to get some exposure. LinkedIn is the #2 traffic source for Social Bawse.

4. Pinterest

When you think about Pinterest you might be under the impression that it’s mostly housewives sharing recipe ideas and clothing. There is definitely a lot of that, but there’s much much more. Pinterest has a massive user base with every interest you can imagine. You definitely want to post links to your content on Pinterest. The key is to find a great picture and use #hashtags in your description. If you can customize an image with words such as the title of your post it’s even better.

5. Flipboard

The best way to describe Flipboard would be that it’s like Pinterest but for articles instead of pictures. You create “boards”(folders) just like in Pinterest and you “flip” articles on to them instead of pictures. Create a variety of boards on subject matter that interests you and curate articles including your own content. Flipboard is growing in popularity and it provides yet another place for people to see your content.

6. Instagram

Instagram is for pictures but even if you’re content is not photography you can still share it there. Instagram is owned by Facebook and has a massive following. The way to share your content there is to find a compelling and relevant picture, then post a snippet in the caption section and add a link back to your full content in the bio section.


If you want to grow your audience quickly then you definitely want to share your content anywhere that will let you. I don’t mean spamming places but become a part of the community on whatever site it is and contribute your content while engaging with others. This is by no means an exhaustive list but merely a snapshot of some of the other places you can share your content.

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